15 December 2008



ok, you totally have to check out this video... it had me rolling...

06 December 2008

Future Defender of Our Nation

Unless Grandma has something to say about it!He already has the "high crawl" down.

03 December 2008

hop on pop

Dec is here!

For those that are wondering... The front of the shirts we had made for Michael's homecoming said "no slack"... because that's the "name" of Michael's battalion. 2nd of the 327th Infantry... No Slack. And under Franks on the back it says 08... as he came home in 2008.

Now for some pics...

15 November 2008


without a doubt, he is looking like me. there are pics of him with my grandaddy that look just likepics of grandaddy holding me as a baby... will try and find those at some point...

until then... here's a clip...

14 November 2008

over due

sorry for the delay on these... now that he's mobile... my time is spent chasing him around the apartment...

07 November 2008


we are back online! Charter came this morning and set up the internet here at the apt. I couldn't take the lack "connection" anymore. Though, gonna have to take the computer in to the shop to get all cleaned out. (Yes dear, there is Iraqi dust and sand all over this poor computer!)

A few things to clear up...
-Gmommy and Gdaddy stands for Grandmommy and Grandaddy... I just don't like to type it all out if I don't have to.

-I have no idea who Hotdog is...

-i'm hungry... must find food!

Will get some fresh pics up asap. now that the monkey is mobile... i find myself chasing him around the apt. makes for some fun pics.

29 October 2008

we're back...

So here we are... back online. I will try and get some new stuff up here so you can see what the little monkey has been up to for the last few weeks... So here goes...
Oh, and I got a hair cut today... and spontaneously decided to color it as well. I am still not sure how I feel about it. It's a little more golden that what I wanted... I may go back and have her touch it up a bit... we will see though. Will try and get a picture of it for you, so you can give me your opinions, a little later. In the mean time... here's the monkey...
The cousins hanging out...
Seeing Great Gmommy and Great Gdaddy... always good times! :)

Olga and I took Caden and Titus to the Honeysuckle Hill Farm pumpkin patch this past Sat. It was good times! Next year, they will both be older and hopefully be able to enjoy it more. But it was fun for us! :)

11 October 2008

phone's dead

ok, so i went to Katie's several days ago... and left my cell charger at the apartment. then we packed up to see Great Grandparents in Lexington. And still don't have a charger! Sorry... if you are trying to call... i will be back in touch with the world tomorrow when i get home. i am sorry! i love you!

02 October 2008

take the last train to...

yup, off to TN as of this morning. Won't have computer access for over a week. Call me if you need anything or just want to talk. :) Love to you all!

29 September 2008

Uncle Brian... I don't know if you can see it, but he's in one of your Harley shirts... and lookin' good!

This is the first time my toes have been painted since I found out I was pregnant... so pretty... Caden keeps staring at them.

Aunt Lizzie making us dinner tonight! Yummy!

27 September 2008

more pics...

... who could possibly resist putting them in the mouth?

this is a pic of our new kitchen table and benches... will get a shot of it once i get it into the apt next week. hopefully it will fit! we will give it a major cleaning in the next few days, once the rain stops and we can take it outside.

and of course, the bear must be eaten...

26 September 2008

stylin' in the Puma's

Aunt B... please notice the shoes upon this boy's feet! Guess what fits? Oh yea, the shoes that you got in the largest size! Good thing you didn't get them any smaller... this is the perfect time to have him wearing them... :) Thank you!

18 September 2008

celery anyone?

So here are a few shots from last night. He just wouldn't be calm and let me finish my green lemonade/carrot juice. And as soon as he saw the celery in my hand, he just had to have it. So I let him take it... and naw on it a bit... :)

And this was from this evening, after his bath... He had been nibbling on his toes all evening... but just wouldn't cooperate when I wanted to get a pic of it. Oh well... maybe I will catch him in the act later...

14 September 2008

a few more fun shots...

it is truly amazing that not even 6 months ago, we were here... I love this pic of Michael and Caden.

While we may have gotten a smile out of Niki, Caden just wouldn't behave... oh well, his facial expressions he got from me... hands down.

This just reminded me of all those cool shots by/of Bethany, that she has taken of herself... He's starting early!

Love the generational side of this pic. With the aged hand of Great Grandad and the youth of Caden...

And just because his favorite thing is to eat his own hands... I thought I would share it with all of you! :)