05 November 2009

we did have some tomatoes this year. don't think the white flies helped the crop at all... but it was still a success. :) Not bad for a balcony garden.

And then there is Caden doing the vacuuming... good stuff! He does it all on his own...

oh he's so helpful

oh he's sneaky

Yea, we had a cold snap a few weeks ago... so I had to dig into our winter hats and gloves and socks container. In said container was the Christmas hat that my folks gave all us kids a few years back. (It's been worn to many App State Football games). Caden seems to enjoy it... it jingles :) He's so cute!

ok, i know this is way overdue

So here comes the slurry of photos from the last month... and maybe a video or two. This is a series from today's lunch... he was posing for the camera, but not talking when asked to... oh well.

12 September 2009

because michael thought it was funny

i really hate spiders...

more climbing

much overdue... but this was from about 2 weeks ago... to say this has me on my toes all the time is an understatement. he's only fallen from this thing once... the first time he tried climbing it. thankfully!

14 August 2009

climbing again

be still my heartafter putting the camera down, he proceeded to take the ipod and try to put it on the bose stand where it normally is... that's my boy!

yummy corn!

This boy loves food in its whole form... apples, red peppers, onions, corn... (i stopped the eating of the onion... i think he was more interested in the skin)

13 August 2009

aliens or storms

I missed getting the shots I wanted from this storm that blew in last week. (Camera battery died just when I turned it on... opps). It reminded me of the scene in Independence Day when the alien ships fly in above the towns and the leading edge of the ship blotting out the sun. It was about 7pm when this thing blew in out of nowhere... it was still sunny out. And then it was dark... very dark.

On the flip side... here is a shot of my tomato plants growing out on our deck. The little green tomatoes are growing nicely... Michael said that from the parking lot, our deck looks like a jungle... with the tomatoes, basil, dill, oregano, and palms all growing happily, it makes me smile! :)


For those who might be interested... here is the front of the card I made for Michael for our anniversary. Note the use of the stamp we used for our wedding invitations.

monkey takes on a new meaning

I wish I had caught him as he was climbing up on the scooter, but, what are ya gonna do?! This is just a hint of what he's doing these days. He climbs up on everything. The bed, the couch, the table benches, the bakers rack, the lamp, my dresser, the bathtub, the laundry machines, the dishwasher, etc. He's even figured out how to get the child locks open on the cabinets! Guess I have to go find some new ones to keep him out!

a new BAG!

My husband rocks! So for our anniversary he showed up with this bag that I had mentioned liking a few weeks back. I never in a million years would have bought it for myself. But he likes to spoil me when he can... :) Talk about surprising me! Love it! Now... to get some outfits that I can wear with it... :)

01 August 2009

child labor

he's mommy's little helper! :) it's really funny cause now, when i need to go get the clothes out of the dryer, he will go straight to the dryer, try to open it, start pulling out clothes and either hand them to me or walk them in to the den and pile them up.

shots from june... that i haven't had time to show you

our foray into finger painting. i think we got painted more than the paper... and of course, it was straight off to the tub!

the last shot is Caden helping mommy doing the laundry... and trying on daddy's shirt... Bastogne!

19 June 2009


first clue that it was going to be nasty... it blew up from the wrong direction! never good when the wind is blowing in from the direction of where storms go AFTER they pass us... and the clouds are going in opposite directions. swirling clouds are never a good sign. and poor Michael was out in the field that night!


enough said. (this was taken like 3 weeks ago... sorry it took so long for me to post it.)

04 June 2009

another day in the pool

in case you can't tell... there is about 2 inches of water in the pool... it isn't empty. i'm not that mean! though he will happily sit and play in it even without the water! :) oh... and since i failed to mention it... daddy helped mommy give the little one a hair cut the other day. no more hot hair! less complaining when getting out of the bath and needing to dry the hair off! much better!