29 September 2008

Uncle Brian... I don't know if you can see it, but he's in one of your Harley shirts... and lookin' good!

This is the first time my toes have been painted since I found out I was pregnant... so pretty... Caden keeps staring at them.

Aunt Lizzie making us dinner tonight! Yummy!

27 September 2008

more pics...

... who could possibly resist putting them in the mouth?

this is a pic of our new kitchen table and benches... will get a shot of it once i get it into the apt next week. hopefully it will fit! we will give it a major cleaning in the next few days, once the rain stops and we can take it outside.

and of course, the bear must be eaten...

26 September 2008

stylin' in the Puma's

Aunt B... please notice the shoes upon this boy's feet! Guess what fits? Oh yea, the shoes that you got in the largest size! Good thing you didn't get them any smaller... this is the perfect time to have him wearing them... :) Thank you!

18 September 2008

celery anyone?

So here are a few shots from last night. He just wouldn't be calm and let me finish my green lemonade/carrot juice. And as soon as he saw the celery in my hand, he just had to have it. So I let him take it... and naw on it a bit... :)

And this was from this evening, after his bath... He had been nibbling on his toes all evening... but just wouldn't cooperate when I wanted to get a pic of it. Oh well... maybe I will catch him in the act later...

14 September 2008

a few more fun shots...

it is truly amazing that not even 6 months ago, we were here... I love this pic of Michael and Caden.

While we may have gotten a smile out of Niki, Caden just wouldn't behave... oh well, his facial expressions he got from me... hands down.

This just reminded me of all those cool shots by/of Bethany, that she has taken of herself... He's starting early!

Love the generational side of this pic. With the aged hand of Great Grandad and the youth of Caden...

And just because his favorite thing is to eat his own hands... I thought I would share it with all of you! :)

13 September 2008

add MD to the list of states travelled to

So we took a worldwind trip to MD this week... aunt lizzy, caden, and myself...
we went to see great grandad. it was the coming together of the generations... the greatest generation and, well, whatever they decide to call caden's generation. (x and y are already taken... so will they be z? time will tell)

we also dropped in to see niki for lunch on our way out of town. she and caden make the silliest faces!

06 September 2008

who needs to take a nap?

Oh... forgot to mention last weekend... he finally rolled over from his back to his belly. Though, he seems to prefer going from his belly to his back, and does that little move all the time now...

So yesterday, I laid the little man down for a nap in the middle of the afternoon. He was fast asleep when I laid him in his crib. On his belly, facing away from the door. Here's a pic to give you a better idea... note the location of the gorilla... :)

After just a few minutes, I was getting ready to run out to the store (Gmommy and Aunt Lizzie were going to keep an eye on him). I went in the room to get my shoes... and this is what I saw... (sorry it's so dark, but turning on the lights woulda distracted him)...

05 September 2008

for your viewing pleasure

So here are a few still shots and another video of last night's adventure in food discovery...

04 September 2008

dinner will never be the same

I know that I said I wasn't going to start the little monkey on solids before he was 6 months old or at least sitting up in a highchair on his own. But... in the recent weeks, he's been showing the classic signs of being ready to jump toward solids... So... Last night, I mashed up some banana for him for the very first time. (ok, so i gave in). Since last night's foray into solids went so well... I decided to go ahead and make the investment. So today, I gave in some more. Gmommy and I took the little monkey shopping for his new highchair. It's amazing... they don't make highchairs like the one I had as a child... for that matter, they don't make them like the ones I used when babysitting for people 10-20 years ago. So after some serious comparison shopping and discussing the pros and cons with Gmommy... we settled on this wonderful orange chair. I have to admit, it's going to be the most colorful apartment now, thanks to all the baby gear.
This evening, after getting the chair all put together... the boy took it for a test drive. With his Caden monogrammed bib and his mommy holding his infant spoon in hand, we went for the ever mushy banana. The videos speak for themselves. Liz and I laughed and laughed. She was trying so hard to keep the camera from shaking while she was laughing. (and i think the background noise was the dryer. sorry about that). And in case you are wondering what the green stick like thing is on the tray... it's a stalk of asparagus. Yes, Gmommy took the monkey for a walk outside while I made dinner this evening, and he came back with asparagus in hand (or rather, mouth). He likes to "chew" on them. I know, this breaks the cardinal rule of only one new food at a time... oh well. He's his mother's son... he likes raw asparagus.
His list of foods at least tasted/sucked on to date:
Pinapple (juice from fresh slices, and no, he didn't drink it... i only dipped his spoon in it and let him put his spoon in his mouth... which he does very well on his own. though, i don't foresee him getting it into his mouth with actual food on it any time soon... at least i don't want it to be any time soon)
And I think that's it. Yea, guess I didn't really wait. Oh well, he is enjoying all his new discoveries... even the lemon slice... which he put back in his mouth several times. :)