19 June 2009


first clue that it was going to be nasty... it blew up from the wrong direction! never good when the wind is blowing in from the direction of where storms go AFTER they pass us... and the clouds are going in opposite directions. swirling clouds are never a good sign. and poor Michael was out in the field that night!


enough said. (this was taken like 3 weeks ago... sorry it took so long for me to post it.)

04 June 2009

another day in the pool

in case you can't tell... there is about 2 inches of water in the pool... it isn't empty. i'm not that mean! though he will happily sit and play in it even without the water! :) oh... and since i failed to mention it... daddy helped mommy give the little one a hair cut the other day. no more hot hair! less complaining when getting out of the bath and needing to dry the hair off! much better!

mommy's little helper!

if only i had managed to catch it on video... he was pushing it back and forth and making vacuum noises... so cute!

again with great grandmommy's walker!

sorry, they aren't in order...

a few of these shots are from about 2 weeks ago when Caden and I went up to see my grandparents in Lexington... always a fun time! we love visiting with them. (though now that Caden can walk, it's becoming more of a bull-in-a-china shop kinda situation. such is life!)

the pool is thanks to Meme... as are the swim trunks... the shark is from Christmas in Weed... we are enjoying our time out on the porch on sunny afternoons. it's great, no worries about sunburns and at the same time get good outdoor time while staying cool... well, at least caden stays cool!