05 November 2009

we did have some tomatoes this year. don't think the white flies helped the crop at all... but it was still a success. :) Not bad for a balcony garden.

And then there is Caden doing the vacuuming... good stuff! He does it all on his own...

oh he's so helpful

oh he's sneaky

Yea, we had a cold snap a few weeks ago... so I had to dig into our winter hats and gloves and socks container. In said container was the Christmas hat that my folks gave all us kids a few years back. (It's been worn to many App State Football games). Caden seems to enjoy it... it jingles :) He's so cute!

ok, i know this is way overdue

So here comes the slurry of photos from the last month... and maybe a video or two. This is a series from today's lunch... he was posing for the camera, but not talking when asked to... oh well.