31 July 2012


So today Michael challenged Caden to climb up his back onto his shoulders with Michael on the floor on his knees. Don't you know, Caden totally did it! I shouldn't be shocked, the kid is strong and has amazing balance. We are debating whether or not to put him into a class at the gym for a week, if so which (swimming or gymnastics)... think we are leaning towards gymnastics. Will see...

climbing and jumping


welcome to lebanon!

post leave beard

nasty post beard 'stash (thankfully it didn't last more than a few minutes!)

first day at new "job"... the joy of living less than 2 miles from work... he is biking every day!

he climbed up there all on his own!

happy girl! 4 months and 4 wks old.

bath time and climbing

and this is how you bathe a baby in a big tub!

that's a happy baby!

climbing in the tree

climbing on the park equipment

more from the beach trip in june

she loves her toes!

caden and mommy hamming it up

caden climbing... he lives up to his monkey nickname!

paddle boarding 2

Since i couldn't upload all the videos in the same post... these are videos 2 and 3 in the series.

learning to paddleboard.

Michael led the way into our foray with paddleboarding on our trip to Wrightsville Beach in June, before our big move. Can I just tell you how awesome he is!! He got out there on that board and made it look like a piece of cake. Whatcha think he belongs on the water?! He rocks!

from lexington to post to wrightsville

Ry and Great Grandaddy... hanging out at the house. :)
I love these 3...

Caden and a couple of his toads... all of whom were named Bob.

Bob 1 and Bob 2.

I know, this is a special picture. Ry and I apparently have very similar bed-head. Lol. Totally natural. I look thrilled at having a picture taken, huh. We were at Mom and Dad's right before our big move.

May trip to Lexington

Taking some time with Meme right before our move from Post. And before I killed my orchid... :(

Ry was about 3 months old here.

Caden playing on Great Grandmommy's bed at the nursing home in May.

Caden and Great Grandaddy in May. He was all smiles until I pulled out the camera.

Great Grandmommy and Ryanne. She was getting sleepy... but still awesome to capture the moment. All time we can spend with our grandparents is wonderful!

Ry's fussing was starting to upset Great Grandmommy. Hopefully the next trip will have a happy baby!

Great Grandaddy was gracious enough to let us come stay with him as a stop over on my trips to Lebanon trying to find housing. We can't wait to get down to see them again. Now that it's a 2 hr trip instead of 4 yrs, hopefully we can make it down more often.