21 April 2009

a great southern tradition

Just in case any of you are in the area... This wkend is the annual National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, TN... It's a good time and you should totally check it out. Of course, I say that and I haven't been in 7 years, but hey... good memories. Wish I could make it this wkend. Maybe next year.


19 April 2009

09 April 2009

more video fun

you can really see how he's coming along. please excuss the mess that day, it was cleaning day.

06 April 2009


maybe one of these days i will get you a good video... in the mean time, these will just have to do

04 April 2009

03 April 2009

more video fun

he's one!

i know, it's hard to believe... it's been a year already. He's accomplished a lot...
1. he loves peas and beets and sweet potatoes and edamame and avocado and zucchini and parsnips and asparagus and carrots and acorn, delicato, butternut, spaghetti, and yellow squashes... not to mention the list of fruits and grains... to include amaranth, buckwheat, grits (which i know aren't really a grain so much as corn...), oats, millet, and and and... the list is long. for someone who didn't start on solids until later in life, he's doing pretty well for himself!
2. he walks all over the place
3. he's got some sharp little chompers... thankfully only 2 at the moment... though it appears there are another 2 on their way in right now.
4. he loves his grandmothers and his aunts and uncles. this shouldn't be any surprise, as he's got a great extended family
5. he's had several haircuts and has rocked blackish, brown and now blonde hair. :)
6. he still has his blue eyes...
7. he still successfully fools me and pees on the carpet nearly every time I let him run around without a diaper, if only for a moment.
8. he loves playing his piano and dancing around to the music.
9. cards that make noise are always a hit. he sits there opening and closing them over and over to make them "sing".
10. he loves to get his hands on either Michael's bike or mine so he can get bike grease on his little fingers so I have to wash his hands multiple times a day just to avoid greasy walls, carpet, furniture, etc. :) ok, so i think he's not trying so much for the grease as much as the shiny bike that has cool moving parts and those wheels and peddles are just facinating...