13 May 2009

he was supposed to be taking a nap...

he was sposed to be napping. but i kept hearing these little noises coming out of his room. what could be going on in there? much like the video i posted about a year ago... (will go looking for it again)... he is playing under the same blanket in his crib. except this time, he has pulled it down and is crawling under it and making a fun tent out of it. too funny. it was all i could do to not laugh out loud and disturb the play. :)

12 May 2009

mother's day

it was a great day. should have gotten a picture of the crepes that michael made for my breakfast... he filled them with fresh blueberries and strawberries, a little ricotta, powdered sugar, and a scratchmade strawberry sauce... they were outstanding... and stood no chance of making an appearance in front of a camera... yum yum! and the mimosas topped it off nicely... nothing like a little bubbly in the morning! ha! and of course, my little monkey sent me some beautiful flowers that are still openning up for me... here are a few pics and videos of the day...

08 May 2009

sgt franks

daddy got his promotion today... well, his orders actually came through last week, but the commanding folks wanted to pin him... and we got to be there for it today! yeah! sorry you don't get a direct shot of his face through the ceremony, but i didn't know where to stand... so i was up in front of the whole company holding the baby and trying to take video/pics... talking about feeling self-conscience! :) yeah daddy! we are so proud of him!

mommy, look what i learned how to do...

02 May 2009

some time on the playground

we were searching for bugs that dropped through the grates. we were sliding down the slide that wasn't made for big people... we were picking up mulch and trying to eat it. good times had by all... and daddy was there this time, which just made it all the better!

fire hydrant red

he squeals with delight every time we go near this hydrant. The firemen came about a week ago and repainted it. Thank goodness, cause it was peeling and chipping and was pink instead of red. looks much better now. Caden didn't much care what color it was... he just likes to rattle the chains on it.

a few pics for good measure

uncle Brian, this one's for you...

Grammy, this one's for you...

This one speaks for itself...