25 August 2010


I can't believe he really knows our names...

22 August 2010


Thought y'all might appreciate seeing how our Run for the Fallen turned out yesterday. They are estimating we had about 1800 people there. Amazing! Especially since this is only the 3rd year it's been done at Campbell. Here's the article from the Leaf Chronicle about it...

The pic of of the women from A Co who were there for the Run. Most of us walked. There was about 100 yards that was jogged by Rachel and myself, pushing a sleeping Caden in the stroller. That stroller was not made to be used as a jogging stroller!

Here are some more pics that were taken by the Leaf...

21 August 2010


Caden climbs into our big beanbag chair and gets all comfy. Looks at me and says, clear as day... "Check this out." What's next? As soon as I can get a good picture of the situation, I will... :)

Ok... and he was watching the start of a movie a while ago... and when the Warner Brothers symbol showed up on the screen... he said "W. B."

And as we walked down the street at my parents taking Bailey for a walk... he would see a stop sign ahead... read off "S. T. O. P.... stop!" Poor Bailey was getting so confused, as she thought he was telling her to stop! hahaha

Boy is too smart for me!

20 August 2010

sleeping, finally!

This kid does not like to take naps when there are fun people around (and Bailey, of course). But sometimes, sleep just takes over...

sandbox fun

it's an ant, mommy

Don't kill it, Caden! Don't smoosh it!
"look mommy, it's an ant... look mommy!"

new hair!

I did it, baby! I finally cut if off. After MONTHS of talking about doing it, I finally just did it. And let me tell you... I feel like a brand new woman! I feel like i am back to myself again... oye, I needed this. :) So here is the before and after.

12 August 2010

mommy's flops

So while I was busy doing something, I heard Caden rumbling around in the living room... this is what I found...

daddy doll

These shots are from 4 separate nights. (my flash works pretty well in conjunction with the night scene setting on my camera... i was impressed!)

04 August 2010

swimming more

So he did it... he actually got it! The child had his swimmies on this afternoon. Took the first two steps into the pool... then, without any goading from me... proceeded to jump into the pool and kick his little legs and swam around. He was holding his breath when he needed to. Was pulling with his arms and kicking with his legs. And continued on like this for the better part of 90 min this afternoon. Don't know how I am going to get this on film... but will have to figure something out. You HAVE to see this. It was a great joy to see. Our friend Anne went with us today, so maybe I can get her to go with us again and stay in the pool with him while I film it. We will see. Take my word for it though, it was wonderful. :) He's such a big boy. And was so proud of himself. Now he's sleeping like a log! Think I will go do the same thing... Start week 3 of P90X tomorrow... need my rest if I am gonna get through all those push ups and pull ups. (not that I can really do a pull up yet... but the chair helps me work into it).


03 August 2010


In all his glory... Thanks to the Chaplain and his camera... :)

my dear friend

Deniece took this of the two of us last week while she was at the house with me and Caden. Maiya's mom is Deniece... she is a dear friend and a strong woman. I love her dearly...

02 August 2010

a new friend

"I find a new friend"... "no, let go"... "I find a new friend"... "NO"
Oh the relationships that are built in bouncy houses...

to the zoo

Caden and I got a chance to meet up with Katie and Daniel at the Nashville Zoo on Saturday.

Sorry, my camera batteries died just after snapping these photos... otherwise we woulda gotten more photos. Guess we just have to go back to the zoo! :) These were all taken at the Grassmere farm area of the zoo... we were looking at horses in these.

bouncy pirate ship

You shoulda seen this boy! He was all over that ship with all those big kids. He would climb up the slide, and slide down the climbing wall side.

caden's future bride?

I love Maiya! She is a wonderful, spunky child. Can't wait to see her again... a shame that Guam is so far away!