11 March 2009

another milestone...

teeth? are they really coming in? there are sharp little nubs sticking up out of his bottom gum line... not enough to get a pic of, but definitely enough to feel and hear clinking on the glass when he takes a drink. pics coming soon! (hopefully)
pic that's up is from our trip to Great Grandmommy and Great Grandaddy's a few weeks ago... we got to see Aunt Danielle and Uncle John. It was the first time they had seen Caden since Sept. And the first time they'd seen Michael since Caden's birth!

05 March 2009

here ya go!

getting ready for the main event

first steps

this was 2 weekends ago when we went up to see Great Grandmommy and Great Grandaddy Sanders. Caden absconded with G-Gmommy's walker. He then proceeded to walk back and forth through the eating area and den. (with a little assistance with furniture avoidence and turning around)