22 September 2010

best buds

So Caden's new best friend is Alston. They are only 1 day apart in age... Caden was the 27th and Alston was the 28th. We have been hanging out together a LOT lately, which has been wonderful and these two are playing together like brothers... it's so cute. But this was a shot taken last night when they all came over for dinner (Alston, his mom Seana, Anne, and Rachel).

20 September 2010


hey daddy, we love you! :)


Aaron is a kid from church who came over to hang out with us a few days ago while his mom had some things to do. We had a 2nd breakfast/brunch and had the following discussion about monsters and dinosaurs... :) Aaron is about 6 months older than Caden.

mommy's shoes

Please excuse the fact that I was on the phone while taking this video. It was playing out in front of me, and I just couldn't miss taking the video of it. He's really gotten into putting on shoes lately... regardless of who's they are. And if anyone is interested in these, they are a size 8 and I can't wear them anymore. (they've only been worn 3 or 4 times... and they are Aldo's... Lizzy... you want them?)

this is clip 2

Watch the other clip first... or not... it's up to you. For the record, Anne didn't get to go with us on this trip... next time, hopefully, it will work out for her to go.

the morning before the zoo...

he was so excited about this trip to the zoo. we had a talk about it the day before we went... this is how it played out... sorry it's so dark at the beginning, we were back in the bedroom and the shades were drawn still... (*note, I had to break this video in half, it was too big to download all at once)


let's go see the chickens! Run quickly... lest they hear us coming and run for cover!

the horses


They finally got the new flamingo exhibit/habitat opened up. Those things look just like the little plastic ones you put in people's yards. It was funny. The boys liked them. It was one of the few spots we could actually take pictures while we were there. Having two 2 yr olds, and an almost 2 yr old all running around at the same time... that's demanding! No time for pics... sorry! Will try and go again soon and have more hands to take more pics.

to the zoo!

Aunt Katie and I took Caden, Daniel, and our friend, Carson, to the zoo on Saturday. A good time was had by all! :)

Caden and Carson are buddies, they were so cute on the car ride to the zoo... they were reading together in the backseat and talking away with each other. I found a great deal of amusement in the situation! :)