28 June 2008

my little monkey

So this morning started off like any other morning... we were up throughout the night with feedings and burps and whatnot. Then around 10:30am, we both decided it was time to wake up. Waking up time always means play time. We sit/lie on the bed and play games, like sit-stand-fall back and roll over and crawl. (Though the rolling over is assisted and the crawling is more like swimming just without water and without actually going very far... but it's super fun to watch). First off, we have to get the boy into a fresh diaper... obviously. Any time he is near his changing table, he always stares at the wall. There are two things on that wall... my calendar and a painting that is covered up with pictures of Michael. We all know which one catches my attention. But what do you think the boy finds so interesting? You guessed it...

So after changing into a fresh diaper and whatnot, we proceeded with our morning ritual. This was not anything out of the ordinary. After a while, he got tired of playing so I picked him up to go out and about... and the projectile spitup... oh the spitup. I heard it come, i felt it come, but i didn't see it. All over my shoulder, down my back, and splatter on the carpet. And now we know why he got tired of playing. Oh well... (no pictures of this... sorry).

Upon entering the kitchen, Grandmommy wants to greet the boy. So off he goes, wisked away in Gmommy's arms. I managed to get a few chores done. She decided he was cold, so brought him back to the room for some more clothes. How about a pair of striped pants? They match. :) This lead to more playing. Sit-stand-fall back started all over again. But then, the fun part... He discovered his toes! Gmommy was playing with his feet. He wanted to play with his feet. He started grabbing for them. Actually got a hold of his right foot/toes and started to pull it towards his mouth. Sadly, didn't catch this on camera as it was completely unexpected. This is our new discovery for today... our feet! He seemed very interested in playing with them more. So I guess our morning play time will include something new now... eat our feet! :) What a great way to start the day!

22 June 2008

We also spent a large part of today wiping up drool (me) and blowing bubbles (Caden).

Isn't he just as cute as he could be?

What a wonderful day!

bright like the sunshine

So today was the day... I finally got to highlight my hair! I haven't gotten my hair highlighted in, what, 15 months?! Insane! I finally feel a little more like myself. It's amazing how getting a haircut and highlights can really lift one's mood. :) So here are some shots from today...

Caden loves his Daddy!

Of course, the highlight of my day was hearing your voice, my Champion! I love you!
Order of pics: before, during, and after...

21 June 2008

teething and crawling

Ah... he's taking a nap! How wonderful to have a few minutes to get things done. This morning was fun. He didn't wake up until 10:30! We then proceeded to play with his activity gym and our little game of sitting/standing/walking. He loves to pull up to sitting then get his legs under him and stand up. :)

I will have to get Liz or Dad to video him standing up. (kinda hard to hold onto him and take the video/picture at the same time).

It's really hard to believe that this little man is 12 weeks old already. How did that happen? Time is flying by! Thankfully, this means we can see the light at the end of the deployment tunnel! Christmas will be here soon and thus the end of this blasted deployment! I am ready to have my Champion home again!

I am realizing now how crazy I was prior to Caden's birth. How in the world did I think I would drive to Cali when he was 6-8 weeks old? And how did I figure I would be back in the best shape ever by the time he was 3 months? For all the mothers out there that let me learn that lesson on my own, thank you. :) oh... I hear a little one...

18 June 2008

am i really doing this?

So I have very little time in the day for my life lately. One might ask why that is. The answer is simple... or complex, depending on how you look at it. He is about 2 ft tall, around 13 pounds, and looks a lot like his daddy. And wow, do I love him! And he loves orange monkeys and yellow lions. Will learn how to post pics tomorrow. For now, I just wanted to say hello... I am officially a blogger now. Yikes!