12 December 2011

caden's first choral performance

So yesterday was a big day for us... Michael and I joined the church, Caden was baptized, and Caden performed in his first children's choir for Christmas. As if this wasn't expected... ha! He's the youngest one up there by at least 4 months... which might explain the behavior. In case you can't catch which one he is... look at the boy in the far left corner wearing the red striped shirt. yes, the one jumping off the stage...

A good day, all in all!

24 October 2011

more news

As the last post was getting too big... thought I should hit you up with the other news up here...
1. We are going to be moving in the next month or so. With the addition to our family coming in the spring, we thought it best to get into a more spacious living arrangement. We will be moving on-post sometime shortly after Thanksgiving. So excited about that.

2. And today's big news... Caden's getting a baby SISTER! She wasn't being particularly cooperative and had the ultrasound tech pretty frustrated... but hey, what's a girl to do?!

busy week

so we've had a busy week here at the Franks' house. Michael has been plowing through his classes and doing an awesome job with them! Caden and I took some friends to the zoo with us on Friday. It was an all-day event and we all had a blast.

Saturday, Caden and I went to a birthday party for Luke (the kid in the pic with Caden above, at the zoo). That was a blast. If Caden had his way, we would have brought home what we got Luke for his birthday... though, as it included ambulance and police sirens, I think it best to leave it at Luke's to play with when we go over... lol... if his mom ever wants us back after giving her son those noisy toys!

Sunday, after a wonderful morning at church, we went out to the pumpkin patch with some other Army friends. Last year, Jen and I took the kids (you might remember) to this same pumpkin patch and never made it through the corn maze. After wondering for what felt like hours, we gave up and found our way out the entrance. This year, with our men in tow, decided to take on the challenge again. Success! Caden actually led the assault with pretty good results. Ok, in fairness, last year the maze was 12 acres... this year it was only 4 acres. We also managed to pick some cotton, play with a cricket, climb up on someones tractor... lol.

03 May 2011

30 April 2011

cute even when mad!

He's such a little man... ;) He can't wait to see his daddy again...

27 March 2011

the big 3

It's hard to believe that our little monkey is 3 now...

27 February 2011

a quick ride on the carosel

one day i will learn to load these things in the right order!

some toe lickin' fun

you can hear Caden saying Hi to the cow over and over. He was thrilled to have it so close... and licking! ha!

cousin daniel

he was all bundled up looking at giraffes. (poor kid got sick the next day) we have a new baby giraffe at the zoo. she's cute! and HUGE. it's amazing how BIG giraffe babies are. will try and get a pic next time we are there

some of my favs

26 February 2011

zoo with friends

Here are the shots from the zoo. You will note that the mass majority of zoo pics that I end up taking are all from the "farm" section of the zoo. Don't know what that's all about... but hey, whatever.