19 March 2010

tickle session

brushing teeth

Michael and Caden were playing on the bed the other day... I walked in only to catch Caden in the midst of some tooth maintenance. :)

10 March 2010

throwing sticks

what is more fun to a little boy (or big boy) than throwing stuff into a body of water... in this case a creek?! hope no one was coming through looking for starter wood for a fire... think we threw it all into the water!

nothing better

I can't imagine anything better to follow up those snow blogs as some warm sunny days out at the local parks with Daddy, Caden, and myself. Tossing sticks in the creek, quacking with the geese/ducks, playing with Daddy, etc. Good times had by all. Me, especially, as I was in some desperate need of outdoor time with my 2 best guys! :) Enjoy!