19 February 2009

oh, it's short...

So, it was time for a haircut. So we jumped in the tub... with clothes on! The poor boy was so bored, as seen in these "still long hair" pics. :) He was much happier when we were done... he didn't know what to do with all the hair at the bottom of the tub. Think maybe next time we will use a higher guard on the clippers... oh well, it's just hair, it will grow back.

mohie and escape

yes, i know this is way over-due. sorry. i have been taking pics and videos... just haven't had the chance to get them up here. So here we go!

06 February 2009

running rampant

thought this was pretty funny.... http://www.boingboing.net/2009/01/30/timelapse-of-a-9mont.html

edit... i pasted this up here multiple times... let's see if it works this time... sorry for the confusion...

04 February 2009

caden's pear

Textures are fun!

01 February 2009

a foray into food

Many of you have been wondering what my little man is up to these days. No, he's not walking just yet. (to which i am very thankful... as he already has me running after him all day!) Instead, we have expanded our foray into the wonderful world of food. As he has some pretty serious foodies in his family (ie Bethany...), we thought he should start early building his palate. So here are a few shots from the recent days...

Yes, beets, peas, apples-n-rice, water w/ slash of prune juice... fun stuff!