18 November 2010

monets garden

Flowers from my love always make me feel better... it doesn't matter how sick I am. I love you baby, thank you so much!


Hanging out with Aunt Katie and cousin Daniel at the MTSU Veteran's Day football game last Sat. Good times were had by all! (well, except maybe the MTSU football team, and their fans). Lots of wonderful Vets though... got to shake some hands and say thank you to lots of men in uniforms of all branches. It was a great day!

And of course, always a blast to have Caden and Daniel together. They really have a good time playing together!

almost missed these

How could I pass up showing you more dinosaur footage?!

hanging with friends

Caden and Kealy... always getting into trouble together! I picked up 2 chomper things at the zoo a few weeks ago specifically so Caden could have one and Kealy could have the other... less fighting that way! and how could I pass up a shark and gator chomper thingies?

bad dinosaur

I love him so much!


Ok, I know these are WAY overdue... sorry... but here are some shots of Caden as a dinosaur... and his best bud Alston, as a horse/cowboy. :) They had so much fun. Of course, this was the day before Halloween at a friend's house for a get-together. And yes, that's a Christmas tree with orange lights on it...

03 November 2010

caden with balloons

So this past Saturday, a group of folks from our sister church in Nashville came up and gave us Army wives a bit of a break from our kiddos! I got to drop Caden off with them at the church for a few hours and go do stuff... like hit the gym, run to the sporting goods store, and most impressively, get to run into Pier1 without a toddler! (and if any of you have ever done that, or been around with Caden in there... you know it's the BULL in the CHINA SHOP scenario). Anyway, so apparently he had fun while I was gone... :) I admit it, I love that hat on him... I know it's way to big, but he loves it. And today he totally put it on, pulled it down over one eye and walked around saying ARGGG, I a pirate!