27 February 2011

a quick ride on the carosel

one day i will learn to load these things in the right order!

some toe lickin' fun

you can hear Caden saying Hi to the cow over and over. He was thrilled to have it so close... and licking! ha!

cousin daniel

he was all bundled up looking at giraffes. (poor kid got sick the next day) we have a new baby giraffe at the zoo. she's cute! and HUGE. it's amazing how BIG giraffe babies are. will try and get a pic next time we are there

some of my favs

26 February 2011

zoo with friends

Here are the shots from the zoo. You will note that the mass majority of zoo pics that I end up taking are all from the "farm" section of the zoo. Don't know what that's all about... but hey, whatever.


Here are some much anticipated pictures. Caden dressed for the last snow. Caden playing with someone elses phone. Caden and friends at the zoo... Here goes.

22 February 2011

when i grow up

Caden has recently been downright obsessed with all things to do with soldiers. The other day we were at one of our local sew shops picking some stuff up and Caden came running up to me and this is what he had to say...

"Mommy, when I get bigger I will be a soldier like Daddy. I will wear soldier clothes and I will have a gun. And I will shoot bad guys. Daddy is a soldier and he has a gun and he shoots bad guys. When I am big, I will have a gun."

These statements, and ones of a similar nature, have been stated many times in the past few weeks. I don't know where he heard that you carry a gun and kill bad guys (cause it certainly wasn't from me)... he thinks this is a very good idea and he wants to do it. So there ya go...

I do have some pics from our recent zoo trip. Will try and get them up after my physical therapy appt this afternoon.