30 June 2010


our new No Slack hat... as shown off by Caden... :)

29 June 2010

another favorite

This one is just classic! I love you, my Champion!

a favorite

Just because it's one of my favorite photos... here it is again... Caden in Cali experiencing the Pacific for the first time... (march 2010)

happier note..

Sarah and I took Kealy (kid in the top left pic with Caden squatting down) and Caden to the waterpark on post on Sunday afternoon. It was good fun! The boys had a blast. Then we walked over and played on the swings and slid down the slides, and played in the rocks... What more could a little boy ask for?! Today we took the boys to the pools over at the gym. It was actually the first time I have taken Caden into a pool since he was an infant. It went REALLY well. All he wanted me to do was let go so he could swim himself. (as he didn't have any floaties on... that didn't happen on this trip). But, since he showed great desire to be free in the water, a pair of floaties of some description will be purchased tomorrow for our return trip to the pools. Would show you pictures, but it's hard to hold a toddler in the pool and take pictures at the same time. So you are just going to have to wait until either you see it in person, or there is someone else with me to take the pics! :) Trust me, he loved it!

memorial stones

So I am starting to work on some memorial stones for the Gators we have lost in the last few weeks. I am pouring my own concrete stones for the individual guys... but wanted to make a "main" stone... mostly because I had planned on doing these sorts of pre-poured stones to begin with... but decided the ones I am going to make myself will look better. So rather than waste the one I had been painting on... this is the direction I took it in. However, no sooner had the paint dried and I was all done... but Caden got one of my paint pens and another marker and "helped" improve Mommy's work... oye. Have tried spot remover and finger nail polish remover to get the marks off... with no luck. So if you have any ideas on how to get paint OFF concrete, other than pressure washing it and starting all over again...
I don't know if I should just take some primer and paint over the whole thing, and start again... or just leave it as is and put it out at the company with all of Caden's wonderful additions. Advice would be appreciated...
*the first shot with only the cut-outs were before I made my stencils and started anything... it was just a layout to get ideas. the one with the yellow and black is unfinished... obviously... and pre-Caden. The ones with the red were completed... but with Caden's additions. I knew I should have gotten that stone out of the house sooner... just wasn't positive I was done with it yet!

26 June 2010

happy bunny!

happy bunny strikes again. this will surely will bring this war to an end soon!

12 June 2010

couch series 2

dumper truck

I am afraid I missed the really funny scene of Caden making his dumper truck vroom around the deck. It was SO funny. I am sure we will see it again in the near future... as he is spending a lot of time digging in the dirt on the deck.

jungle or deck?

Hey so here are some fresh shots of the plants on the deck. I am going to have tomatoes and orange bell peppers coming out my ears! I already have more basil and oregano than I know what to do with! If anyone wants some, just let me know! Caden has finished off the kale... as you will see in some of the shots. The eggplant has sent out many blooms and as you can see, the squash is blooming now too. The zucchini and cucumber are getting ready to join them.

05 June 2010

first trip of the summer

We made it to the waterpark today... it was outstanding! Caden LOVED it... as you can see. It was crazy busy though! That's what we get for going on Sat afternoon!

watching dinosaur train

Here is a series from this morning...