16 May 2010

love you daddy

Daddy, this is for you... since it was your idea to get this video for Caden... just thought you might like to see what he's learned from it. (I am going to have to get a whole bunch of guide books and whatnot so I can learn all these things to teach him... I'm getting pretty good with the different types of trucks, but now it's time to learn all these fish, and plants, and rocks, etc)

We love you!

wonderful times in lexington

here are some shots from this past few days. caden and i went up to lexington to see my grandparents. he always enjoys getting up there and hanging out with grandaddy... getting pushed around in grandmommy's wheelchair... petting the puppy that comes by the nursing home... flipping over the couch at grandaddy's house... saying hi to all the sweet folks at the nursing home... eating pizza for breakfast... oh wait, did i just admit that i let him do that?! oye... :)

We got some pics and a few videos. Caden wouldn't behave for the group pic. oh well. we tried. and then my silly self forgot about not turning the camera sideways for shooting videos... opps.

A BIG HAPPY 91st BIRTHDAY to Grandmommy (it was Friday). It was great to see the folks around town come by and wish her a happy birthday... neighbors and folks from church.

12 May 2010

yesterday morning

I will get some pics up later. But I wanted to tell you about the conversation that Caden and I had yesterday morning. He climbed into bed with me around 0655 and immediately said "hello mommy!" The cheerful way he said it let me know that he was well rested and it was going to be a good start to the day. I asked him how he had slept... and clear as day he replied "i slept very well". As I was regaining consciousness, he proceeded to point at a picture up on the wall and say... "there's cousin Daniel"... yes, there is cousin Daniel. He pointed back at the picture and said "there's aunt Katie"... yes, there is aunt Katie.

Really?!? Seriously?!? is my 2 yr old really forming sentences like that? Time is flying... I can't believe we are already at this stage. What's next?!

07 May 2010

beautiful flowers

he got up this morning and immediately exclaimed... "those beautiful flowers!" Thank you for my beautiful flowers, My Champion! :) I will get some shots of them as soon as they are all in bloom. (guess maybe it's time to take down the birthday poster... huh?!?!)

02 May 2010

13 inches and still going

It is still raining... we have over 13 inches of rain here in clarksville alone - all in the last 36 hours! and we haven't even gotten the brunt of the storm. nashville was hit much harder than we were. I-40 and I-24 have both been shut down in sections. Here in C'ville... the Red River, the Cumberland River, and that other river I can't ever remember the name of... have all overflowed their banks. ANd it's still raining! blah! Days like this are made for ice cream and movies! :) Here are some shots of the deck...

from the top: jet star tomato, kale, orange bell pepper, a bit of perspective, and thai basil.

01 May 2010

Lady Gaga in Afghanistan?!?

Ok, this was hilarious! Michael, it's totally something I would expect from you! Seems the boys of the 82nd have a thing for Lady Gaga... This was the rough cut on YouTube...

crazy rain

I can't say I have ever seen a spring starting like this one... The picture of the water on the road is I-24 just south of Nashville. They have shut down the interstate, obviously. We just saw a big boat out on the interstate rescuing a guy out of his car. Talk about craziness! You can note that Montgomery Cnty is under flood warnings until 6am... that's us! And we've gotten over 4" of rain since about 4am today. My poor new tomato and pepper plants (along with my kale, oregano, and thai and sweet basils) are all drowning out there!

The pics of me and Caden are from right before bedtime... :) I love bedtime!

good little soldier

right after i took this video, he went back to doing pushups and counted up to 8! I swear, this little boy amazes me on a daily basis...